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JD/MA Requirements

The Department, in cooperation with the School of Law, offers a combined program leading to the degrees of J.D. and M.A. in Philosophy. The program normally takes 4 years to complete, and consists ordinarily of the complete first-year program at the School of Law, followed by three years of courses from the curricula of the two schools, and where appropriate, from other graduate offerings at the University. The student has to meet all the requirements set by the respective departments for the award of the J.D. degree and for that of the M.A. degree. This involves, in the School of Law, a minimum of 86 credits as well as completion of the school's curricula; and, in the Department of Philosophy, 24 credits and completion of one qualifying paper written under the supervision of a faculty advisor. With the approval of the members of the Program Committee concerned a student may count up to 12 credits earned at the graduate level in the Department of Philosophy, or other graduate offerings in the University, towards the 86 credits required for the J.D. degree; and up to six credits earned in the School of Law towards the 24 credits required for the M.A. degree.

Applications are accepted only from those in their first year at the law school.

For more information on the J.D./M.A. program, please contact Ian McCready-Flora in Philosophy or Daniel Ortiz in the Law School.