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Job Placement Record

Our department is highly competitive in terms of placing our graduate students. For data, see Aero Data Lab , which builds on the results of the Academic Placement Data and Analysis project

This page contains only entry per person. Each person’s placement data ceases to be updated once he or she starts a tenure track job. The placement data below can be used to get a good sense of what percentage of those who enter our PhD program receive tenure track jobs; to use it in this way, you need to know that four students enter our program each year.

Name Placement  Current Apt. Previous Apt. Ph.D. 
Travis Tanner 2024 Austin Peay State University (perm)   2024
Stephen Marrone 2024 Western Governors University (TT eqiv)   2023
Matt Andler 2023 Saint Louis University in Madrid (TT eqiv) Lafayette College (Post-Doc) 2020
Elyse Oakley 2023 Providence College (TT)   2023
Torrance Fung 2023 College of Idaho (TT) Old Dominion University (VAP) 2020
Andrew Garland 2022 Bob Jones University (TT eqiv) Johns Hopkins University, Berman Institute of Bioethics
Jonathan Barker 2022 University of Central Florida (perm)

Wake Forest University (VAP)

Jeff Carroll 2021 Bowling Green State University (TT)   2021
Jim Darcy 2021 University of Virginia (VAP) University of Virginia (VAP) 2020
Ambrose Little 2021 The Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception
Permanent (TT eqiv)
Matthew Adams 2020 Indiana University Bloomington (TT) Stanford University (Post-Doc) 2018
Manuel Barrantes 2020 California State University, Sacramento (TT) Hamilton College (VAP) 2017
Andrei Marasoiu 2020 University of Bucharest (perm)   2019
Andrew Morgan  2020 University of Alabama at Birmingham (VAP) University of Alabama at Birmingham (VAP) 2017
Peter Tan 2020 Fordham University (TT) Middlebury College (VAP) 2019
Chunling Yan  2020 University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Post-Doc)   2020
Daniel Moseley 2019 Department of Psychiatry, UNC-CH School of Medicine
Research Instructor (perm)
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University (Post-Doc) 2010
Derek Lam 2018 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (TT)   2018
Nick Rimell 2018 Jilin University (TT)   2018
Stacie Thyrion 2018 University of Virginia (VAP)   2018
Adam Tiller 2018 Old Dominion University (VAP) Old Dominion University (VAP) 2016
Adam Blincoe 2017 Longwood University (perm)   2017
Corin Fox 2017 University of Virginia
Lecturer and Assistant Director of Transition (perm)
University of Virginia
Lecturer and Interim Assistant Director of Transition
John Mahlan 2017 American University in Cairo (VAP)   2017
Galen Barry 2016 Iona College (TT) Old Dominion University (VAP) 2015
Sam Duncan  2016 Tidewater Community College (perm) University of Tennessee (perm lecturer) 2011
S. Matthew Duncan  2016 Rhode Island College (TT) Rhode Island College (VAP) 2015
William Hasselberger 2016 Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon (TT) University of Virginia (Post-Doc) 2012
Luke William Hunt 2016 Radford University, Dept. of Criminal Justice (TT)   2016
Harry Jones 2016 West Point (VAP)   2016
Edith Gwendolyn Nally  2016 University of Missouri-Kansas City (TT) Skidmore College (VAP)  2014
Douglass Reed 2016 University of Rhode Island (TT)   2015
Benjamin Richards 2016 Eastern University (VAP)   2015
Bryan Cwik 2015 Indiana University of Pennsylvania (TT) Penn State University (Post-Doc) 2013
Nicholas Frank 2015 Lynchburg College (TT)    2015
Charles Rathkopf 2015 Iona College (TT) City University of New York (Post-Doc) 2013
Logan Sisson 2015 Air Force Academy (perm)   2016
Evan Keeling 2014 University of São Paulo, Brazil (TT) University of São Paulo, Brazil (Post-Doc) 2011
Ashley Kennedy  2014 Florida Atlantic University (TT) 

University of South Carolina (Post-Doc)

Paul Nedelisky 2014 University of Virginia (Post-Doc) University of Virginia (Post-Doc) 2013
Jesse Newton  2014 Tidewater Community College (perm)   2012
Ayca Boylu 2013 Izmir Katip Celebi University (TT) University of Tennessee (VAP) 2011
Stewart Braun 2013 Australian Catholic University, Brisbane (TT)   2012
Brannon McDaniel 2013 University of Richmond (TT) University of Richmond (VAP) 2009
Adam Kadlac 2012 Wake Forest (perm) University of Tennessee (VAP) 2007
Sam Nicholson 2012 Virginia Commonwealth University (VAP)   2011
Chris Collins 2011 Manchester College (VAP)   2010
Amy Gilbert  2011 Eastern University (perm)   2011
Ty Landrum 2011 University of Virginia (Post-Doc)   2011
Joungbin Lim 2011 Elizabeth City State University (TT)   2011
Jason Megill 2011 Carroll College (TT)  Old Dominion University (VAP)  2009
Kristina Meshelski 2011 California State University, Northridge (TT)   2011
Chris Mayer 2010 West Point (TT)   2010
Charlie Tanksley 2009 Clemson University (VAP)   2009
Elizabeth Fenton  2008 Harvard University (Post-Doc)   2008
Catherine Sutton  2008 Virginia Commonwealth University (TT)   2008
Hannah Phelps 2007 Pacific Lutheran University (TT)    2006
Shaika Binjasim 2006 Kuwait University (TT)    2006
Brian Powell  2006 Western Illinois University (TT)    2005
Kalynne Pudner 2006 Auburn University (VAP)    2000
Edward Song 2006 Louisiana State University (TT)  University of Virginia (Post-Doc) 2005
Jonathan Stoltz 2006 St. Thomas University, Minnesota (TT) University of Virginia (VAP) 2005
Patrick Toner  2006 Wake Forest University (TT)  Notre Dame University (Post-Doc) 2005
Kirby Arinder 2004 Virginia Military Institute (VAP)    2004
Robert Crouch  2003 McGill (TT)   2013