A philosophy course with a practical aim: to develop the student's ability to recognize and evaluate arguments.  The course will not cover symbolic logic in any detail (for this take  PHIL 2420), but will concentrate on actual arguments given in ordinary language.  Some time will be spent studying those fallacies, or errors in reasoning, which occur most frequently in discussion and argument.  The goal of this course is to give the student a working knowledge of logic which has an application to daily life.


July 09, 2013 -- manager

Recent talks

"Wittgenstein's 'Unbearable Conflict'" (Philosophy and Psychoanalysis seminar, Tavistock Clinic, London)

"On there not being anything else to think" (Jowett Society, Oxford)

"Murdoch off the map, or Taking Empiricism back from the Empiricists". (Moral Philosophy seminar, Oxford; Amherst College)

Recent publications

"G.H. von Wright on Wittgenstein in Relation to His Times".  In Acta Philosophica Fennica, vol. 93, 2017.


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