New Book by 2016 PhD Luke Hunt (Oxford University Press)

July 30, 2018 -- manager

The Retrieval of Liberalism in Policing

Luke William Hunt

  • Sets forth a new theory of liberal personhood based upon a tripartite conception: reciprocator and moral agent, which illuminate the third facet of human dignity
  • Includes the first comprehensive philosophical study of the use of informants and the extent to which their use might be inconsistent with the basic tenets of the liberal tradition

Elizabeth Barnes' column published in The Chronicle of Higher Education

February 27, 2018 -- manager

Elizabeth Barnes  wrote a column in The Chronicle of Higher Education that discusses Princeton philosopher Peter Singer's tendentious views regarding people with disabilities and asks, "Are some ideas so offensive that they shouldn't be engaged with?" Arguments That Harm — and Why We Need Them

Jorge Secada quoted in Quartz article about former FBI director James Comey

February 27, 2018 -- manager

Jorge Secada (Philosophy) was quoted in Quartz in an article about former FBI director James Comey's appointment to teach a class in ethical leadership at the College of William and Mary, his alma mater: Ethicists explain exactly why James Comey isn’t qualified for his new gig teaching ethics

The Department Welcomes Zachary Irving

January 14, 2018 -- manager

Zachary Irving, a philosopher of mind and neuroscience, joins the department in January 2018 as Assistant Professor.

Irving's research focuses on the phenomenon of mind-wandering. Although mind-wandering occupies up to half our waking thoughts, traditionally it has been neglected by philosophers and cognitive scientists. Zachary Irving’s research develops a theory of mindwandering, defined as unguided attention that is philosophically precise, empirically measurable and grounded in the brain.


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