Tal Brewer delivers keynote address at the Conference on the Value of Universities for Icelandic Society and Industry in the Past and the Future

September 12, 2018 -- manager

Centenary of Icelandic Independence and Sovereignty

University of Iceland Aula, 7–8 September 2018

Conference on the value of universities for Icelandic society and industry in the past and the future

Prof. Paul Humphreys co-directs new project on Human and Machine Intelligence

August 04, 2017 -- manager

Members of the Philosophy Department are participating in a three year research project on Human and Machine Intelligence. The project is co-directed by Paul Humphreys and Vincent Ordonez Roman (Computer Science) and is designed to identify differences and similarities between human and computer modes of learning, understanding and representation. More information can be found at http://hmi.virginia.edu


John Armstrong

In Plato’s Laws, the Athenian Stranger says that the universe’s parts, which include human beings, come to be and “strive” for the sake of the universe as a whole. This implies two kinds of holism: cosmic rational holism, the view that the ultimate justification of a part’s activity is its contribution to the good of the universe as a whole; and cosmic motivational holism, the view that the universe’s parts are motivated to contribute to the good of the universe as a whole.


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