Mark Schroeder

People don’t always get along.  Sometimes this is because they are at cross-purposes – aiming at different values, and caring more about those values than about each other or about their relationship.  But even people who care deeply about one another and about their relationship can end up in conflict with one another.  Some of these conflicts are recurrent, some of them are hurtful, and some of them evolve predictably in ways that damage or destroy the relationship.  This paper is about the philosophy of conflict.  I try to offer what I call an intelligibilizing explanation of a particula

John Armstrong

In Plato’s Laws, the Athenian Stranger says that the universe’s parts, which include human beings, come to be and “strive” for the sake of the universe as a whole. This implies two kinds of holism: cosmic rational holism, the view that the ultimate justification of a part’s activity is its contribution to the good of the universe as a whole; and cosmic motivational holism, the view that the universe’s parts are motivated to contribute to the good of the universe as a whole.


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