Walter Ott

Professor & Director of Graduate Studies

Modern Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology

Curriculum Vitae // PDF icon Ott_CV_for_web.pdf

  • Office Address: 122 Cocke Hall
  • Office Hours: By appointment

My research focuses on metaphysics (especially causation and laws of nature) and philosophy of mind (especially perception) in the modern period.

Selected Publications

‘The Case Against Powers.’ In Causal Powers in Science: Blending Historical and Conceptual Perspectives. Ed. Benjamin Hill, Henrik Lagerlund, and Stathis Psillos. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming


‘Archetypes without Patterns: Locke on Relations and Mixed Modes.’ Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie. Forthcoming


Descartes, Malebranche, and the Crisis of Perception. Oxford University Press, UK, 2017


Laws of Nature. Co-editor, with Lydia Patton. Oxford University Press, UK, 2017


‘Phenomenal Intentionality and the Problem of Representation.’ Journal of the American Philosophical Association 2, 1 (2016)


‘Leibniz on Sensation and the Limits of Reason.’ History of Philosophy Quarterly 33, 2 (2016)


‘Malebranche and the Riddle of Sensation.’ Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 88, 3 (2014)


‘What is Locke’s Theory of Representation?’ British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 20, 6 (2012)


Causation and Laws of Nature in Early Modern Philosophy.  Oxford University Press, UK, 2009


‘Causation, Intentionality, and the Case for Occasionalism.’  Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 90, 2 (2008)


Locke’s Philosophy of Language.  Cambridge University Press, UK, 2004

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