Paul Humphreys

Commonwealth Professor

Philosophy of Science, Epistemology

Curriculum Vitae // PDF icon PHIL.Humphreys.P.CV_14-15.pdf

Paul Humphreys, Commonwealth Professor of Philosophy, specializes in the philosophy of science. He is co-director of UVA’s Center for the Study of Data and Knowledge; co-director of the Human and Machine Intelligence group; series editor of Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Science; a member of the editorial boards of Synthese, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, and Foundations of Science; and a member of the governing board of the Philosophy Documentation Center. For more information see




Selected Publications
Emergence: A Philosophical Account (Oxford, 2016)

Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Science (Oxford, 2016)

`Explanation as Condition Satisfaction’ PSA 2012: Symposia Papers (December 2014)

`Scientific Metaphysics and Speculative Metaphysics’, pp.51 – 78 (Chapter 3) in Scientific Metaphysics, Don Ross, James Ladyman, and Harold Kincaid (eds). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.

Emergence: Contemporary Readings in Science and Philosophy. Mark Bedau and Paul Humphreys (eds). The MIT Press, 2007

Extending Ourselves: Computational Science, Empiricism, and Scientific Method (Oxford, 2004)

"Some Considerations on Conditional Chance," British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2004)

"Are There Algorithms that Discover Causal Structure?" Synthese (1999, with David Freedman)

"How Properties Emerge," Philosophy of Science 64 (1997), 1-17

The Chances of Explanation (Princeton, 1989)

"Why Propensities Cannot Be Probabilities," The Philosophical Review 94 (1985), 557-570

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