1. Ph.D. students admitted to the program with departmental financial aid are ordinarily awarded funding of $18,000 a year (in addition to coverage of health insurance, tuition, and fees). This level of support is guaranteed for five years, contingent on satisfactory progress. The funding package is a mixture of fellowship and TA-ship.
  2. Applicants may also be nominated by the Department for a Jefferson Fellowship. These fellowships provide $30,000 per year for five years plus tuition and health insurance. In years one, four, and five, Jefferson Fellows are exempt from teaching duties; in years two and three, service as a teaching assistant helps the Fellow prepare for a professional career. Research funds of $7,500 are also provided to each Fellow over the course of five years. As with a regular fellowship, continuing support is contingent upon satisfactory progress in the program.
  3. Summer teaching is also available.